Metal Building Insulation

Bay Insulation Systems of Canada ULC’s Metal Building Insulation is a fine fibered flexible blanket of glass fibers, bonded with thermosetting resin to provide good dimensional and handling properties.

It is specifically designed for use in steel building systems and is available plain (unfaced) or faced with a factory applied vapour barrier.

Bay is an authorized distributor of Owens Corning Products. Owens Corning’s systems deliver maximum energy efficiency, low maintenance, sound control, convenience, beauty and peace of mind. 


Bay offers a complete line of vapour barrier facings which are an integral part of the Metal Building Insulation System. The facing is a vapour barrier, provides excellent light reflectivity, and adds structural strength. Facings also function as an aesthetic interior finish.

Tab Options

Several options are available for fastening the side tabs of the insulation rolls. It is typically the preference of the erector that makes this determination. Remember, it is vitally important that the rolls of insulation be butted tightly together during the tab fastening stage. Any gaps may result in condensation at the roof sheet.


CAN/ULC S-702, Type 1



All rolls are packaged in polyethylene bags. Faced MBI is wrapped in stretch film and labeled to show size and location of each roll.


Insulation should be stored in a dry elevated area and protected with a waterproof film. Arrange delivery so that it can be installed as soon as possible. If delays occur, it is best to open the poly bags to allow air circulation. Foil faced products like Arenashield must not be stored on or near freshly poured concrete to prevent corrosion.

Chemically InertWill not cause or hasten corrosion of copper, steel, or aluminum. It can be directly applied against roof and wall sheets, purlins, or girts.
ResiliencySpecifically designed to return to original design thickness after lamination.
CombustionNoncombustible, CAN/ULC-S114
Fire ClassificationFlame Spread 25, Smoke Development 50, CAN/ULC-S102


Acoutical Strips

Acoustical Strips are intended for use with acoustic steel roof decks. They are longer, fully slit, and easier to use. Our Acoustical Strips are produced with Owens Corning Unfaced Metal Building Insulation.

Standard sizes :
2” x 2 ½” x 125’ or 3’’ x 2 ½” x 100’. Custom sizes are available on request.

Thermal Blocks

Designed to increase the R-value in standing seam metal roofs. They are typically placed along the purlins and between the standing seam clips to help offset the loss of R-value due to the compression of the metal building insulation at the secondary framing.

Thermal Spacer Blocks are made with Owens Corning Celfort 300 extruded polystyrene. 192 pieces per bundle- full bundles only.

Standard sizes:
1’’ x 3’’ x 23 ½” & 1” x 3” x 19”
1” x 3” x 8’ available on request

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