Faced Fiberglass

Bay Insulation Systems’ Faced Metal Building Insulation (MBI) is comprised of a resilient, light density fiberglass blanket (NAIMA 202-96® Insulation Only), laminated to a high quality vapor retarder facing, and is compliant with the NIA Certified Faced Insulation® 404.2-2024 Standard. Bay also offers Factory Mutual Approved Faced MBI.

Custom Lamination and Packaging

Every order is custom laminated to fit your building dimensions and criteria. Each roll is individually tagged to identify its intended location in the building roof, sidewalls and endwalls.

R-103.0″36″ 48″, 60″, 72″Custom laminated to length.
R-113.5″36″ 48″, 60″, 72″Custom laminated to length.
R-134.0″36″ 48″, 60″, 72″Custom laminated to length.
R-165.0″36″ 48″, 72″Custom laminated to length.
R-196.0″36″ 48″, 60″, 72″Custom laminated to length.
R-258.0″48″, 60″, 72″Custom laminated to length.
R-309.5″48″, 60″, 72″Custom laminated to length.

Tab Options

Facing tabs are provided for sealing side joints between adjoining rolls of faced fiberglass. Bay Insulation offers several options:

Double 3″ Staple TabsFacing tabs from 2 adjoining rolls are pulled together between fiberglass joint and stapled with a long-nosed staple pliers.
Single 6″ No-Staple TabFirst roll of insulation is installed with 6″ tab as leading edge. Next roll is nested over tab from first roll.
Single 6″ “Reinforced”
No-Staple Tab
Mylar reinforcement is added at 6″ tab to provide rigidity.
Single 6″ Self-Adhering
No-Staple Tab
An adhesive strip with removable backer is added to 6″ tab for adhering tab to adjoining roll.
Double 12″ or 15″ TabsFor use with double fiberglass layer “High R-Value” systems. Tabs from adjoining purlin spaces are lapped together over purlin.
Tuck TabFor use in single layer application where a single 6″ tab is folded under the facing of the adjacent roll.



The NIA (National Insulation Association) standard provides a basis for quality control procedures of the lamination process and for certifying post-laminated R-Value. Every Bay plant is compliant with the standard for “Certified Faced Insulation”.


All Bay Insulation metal building laminating plants produce faced product that is listed to applicable UL standards and requirements by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. For a list of Bay Insulation plants that are UL listed, view our locations. With over 21 billion products in the marketplace, UL is one of the most recognized and trusted resources for product safety, certification and information.

Home Innovation Research Labs™

Home Innovation Research Labs™ is a trusted certifier (50+ years) for builders, manufacturers, and consumers. They verify code compliance and product performance and certify insulation R-Value, so builders and consumers get the thermal performance they expect.


Bay Insulation is the only laminator that has Factory Mutual approved Faced Metal Building Insulation. It is available upon request. Please contact your Bay Representative or the location closest to you.


NAIMA 202-96® fiberglass metal building insulations are blanket insulations engineered specifically for metal building construction. These insulations are certified by the NAHB to meet the 202-96® standard for flexible fiberglass used in Metal Buildings and are engineered and produced to maintain their stated R-value after the rigors of facing lamination, shipping, storage, and handling that occurs during installation. Bay Insulation uses NAIMA 202-96® fiberglass when laminating R-10, R-11, R-13, R-16, R-25 and R-30.

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