Insul Basket

Insul Basket Insulation Support Grid is the fastest way to install a thick fiberglass insulation system from the top side.

Insul Basket is an insulation support grid made from heavy gauge galvanized steel designed for metal buildings and bar joist construction. Full 6″, 8″, or 10″ depths of insulation are obtained with this innovative idea from Insul Basket, Inc. Custom made to fit any purlin spacing, two grids per bay in each purlin space drop in from the topside and require no fasteners or special tools. Insul Basket grids are designed to accommodate standing seam roofs, standard screwed down roofs, and thermal blocks.

Insul Basket support grids are tailor-made for metal buildings and bar joist systems, are designed to fit C or Z section purlins, and arrive on the jobsite ready to place on the roof.

Insul Basket support grids give your building a neat grid effect. When used with white insulation facing it gives a bright reflective surface for lighting.

Insul Basket grids can receive any type of vapor barrier that is laminated to fiberglass insulation. Vapor barriers are important in controlling moisture in insulation. Each building condition should be discussed with your architect, engineer, or insulation supplier.

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